The following books are in the public domain in the United States by virtue of being published prior to 1964 and the copyright was never renewed, or were published prior to 1978 with no copyright notice. Unless otherwise noted I personally scanned the books and to one degree or another processed the scans for better reading and viewing. Although many of these books have some components that are outdated, I feel they still offer great information that is not always found in more recent books. This is particularly true when it comes to low-tech techniques for keeping fish that are still relevant today. Enjoy!



This classic text is still one of the better introductions to keeping guppies.



Another good early book about guppies. There are many interesting photos of early fancy strains.

Diseases_Of_Tropical_Fish_cover thumb


Some of the terms and treatments are a bit dated, but this is still a great manual for common diseases. I originally downloaded this file from, and I have done some processing of the images and OCR. Some of the more “hands on” treatments serve as a reminder that the earliest pioneers of this hobby were true livestock caretakers. How many people these days would surgically remove anchor worms from their stock?